My passion is the automated generation of
personalized health advice,
using machine learning and time series analysis.

In my Ph.D. dissertation named The non-existent average individual, I explored various techniques for the
generation of personalized advice with the goal of reducing psychopathology and improving well-being,
by combining data science and ideographic psychopathology research.

Postdoctoral researcher

Operating on the intersection of computer and social sciences.

Software Engineering and Distributed Systems

Member of the Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science: Distributed Systems group, led by Marco Aiello.

Developmental Psychology

Employed at the Developmental Psychology group at the University of Groningen, led by Peter de Jonge.

Current and previous projects


Evolutionary Changes in Data Analysis


u-can-act is a research platform that aims to provide a platform to unravel the variables underpinning early school drop out

Thialf SkatePredict

The Dutch are famous for their ice skating performance. In this project we aim to improve this performance one step further by predicting lap times.

Personalized coaching

Performing personalized coaching based on machine learning based estimators.

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