Leefplezier: Personalized well-being

F. J. Blaauw, J. A. J. van der Krieke, M. Aiello, P. de Jonge.

Sep 15, 2014


Each person is different and should be treated as such. Comparing personal data to group averages can give basic ideas about personal conditions, but does not suffice for providing ‘true’ personalized feedback. In health psychology, a paradigm shift is taking place from a general population approach towards a more person-centered one. Instead of comparing a person with population averages, the focus shifts towards comparing people with themselves over time. The ‘Leefplezier’ project elaborates on this focus shift, by helping to sustain or improve the wellbeing of elderly people. The participating elderly people are asked to keep track of various psychological factors for a period of time, by means of repetitive questionnaires via a mobile phone application. At the end of this period, feedback is automatically generated, based on the resulting time series dataset and by means of automated vector autoregression.